Devotion – June, 12

Devotion – June, 12

Because you are precious to me
and because I love you and give you honor…
Isaiah 43,4

This text actually is about Israel, God’s chosen people. It is God’s beloved, His hand and His blessing rest upon this people! That’s why we want to pray for Israel – that it comes to its determination and really becomes God’s beloved, receiving and giving away His blessings to other nations!
Just like Israel, all other nations and peoples are God’s creation as well. No two nations or people are alike, they all have their strong points. Also our country, our people, our nation are willed by God and He has a plan for them. He has created them, they are valueable and precious to Him, He loves them. That’s why we pray for our city, our country, our people and our nation, so that God’s blessings can flow.
Just as the individual nations people are loved by God, expensive and valuable. When I pray for humans, I realize how much God fights for them and how expensive, valuable and loved they are!
And when I am quiet and consider Him, when He then talks to me, I notice it: I’m expensive and valuable to Him, I am loved by Him.
Who does not come to life again and gets new courage when the spouse or partner says that? When he hears: You are dear to me and valuable, because I love you! – This gives courage! Our heart longs for those words! And God Himself says it to you today: You are dear to me and valuable, and since I love you, I give you everything you need and much, much more gits to boot! Yes, come to me, and let you love! I say yes to you because I am your Creator who absolutely wanted you and only had good thoughts with you!

Thank you, Heavenly Father, You love me! You wanted me and created me the way you deemed it best. You want to pour out Your blessings on me, You want to give me big presents and overwhelm me with Your good gifts. Thank You for allowing me to live with You!

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