Devotion – June, 9.

Devotion – June, 9.

Do not use my name for evil purposes!
Exodus 20, 7

This morning I woke up and recited the name of Jesus Christ. I noticed how everything in me turned to Him and He turned to me. Such a thing is wonderful! Above all everyday stress and hectic you can reflect on the, what really matters: Jesus Christ. In no other name, you’ll find that salvation, only in the name of Jesus Christ. He is the savior, helper and redeemer!
But there are so many people who constantly take His holy name in their mouth and actually do not really think on Him. They always say: Oh Jesus Maria! Oh my god! – Then I always have a bad feeling. I imagine how it would be when I’d recite their names at every opportunity: Oh John, o JohnohJohn! O Anna, Susanne! Wouldn’t they feel they have been taken for a ride? I think if the Holy Spirit dwells in us, He will prevent it that we constantly abuse the sacred name of God and Jesus. Just like He prevents or at least strongly warns us when we are in danger of lying, so the Spirit of God prevents this thoughtless calling of God. Do not permit that the name of God is abused by you! Rather let you fill with the Holy Spirit and let you warn when your mouth too quickly wants to say something stupid!
The name of Jesus is wonderful. In Him is so much healing. Recite His name softly and turn to Him. Say His name with reverence, desire, tenderness and love. Then He will meet you himself. Practice it throughout the day at every opportunity, so that it becomes a fixed habit. But don’t let it become empty words!

Thank you, Jesus, in Your name alone is all salvation! You are the great king who rules and protects His people with love, patience, gentleness, righteousness and strength. Before Your name every knee must bend, even the knees of great rulers! In Your name I find security, encouragement, courage and above all: You yourself.

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