Devotion – May, 30.

Devotion – May, 30.

Therefore, you should treat people in the same way that you want people to treat you; this is the Law and the Prophets.
Matthew 7, 12

Actually, it is quite clear: So as I want to be treated I should treat my fellow human beings. But it’s really hard to conform to it. Or why is the world still full of small and big wars?
God goes one step further: The same way YOU treat others, He will treat you. If you forgive your enemies, He will forgive you. If you are revengeful and whine about injustices that were done to you, He will not forgive you in the same way; – Then He leaves you in your dark thoughts. The way you share with others, He want’s to share His wealth with you; – Are you greedy and consume everything for yourself, so God surely will not give you something for free. Are you friendly to others, then God will be kind to you. If you share your wealth with others, God will richly provide you – Because He can trust you a lot. If you forgive and bless those who did evil to you, God will not count your sin. If you are gracious and merciful to your fellow men, God will be gracious and merciful to you.
Now we notice that this rule really contains the whole law and the testimony of the prophets. Paul expressed it this way: Don’t be in debt to anyone, except for the obligation to love each other. Whoever loves another person has fulfilled the Law.
Let’s make a try! Let’s be especially friendly and accommodating to everyone we meet today.. Let us smile at them and say a few positive words. Let us hold the door open for them, let us help them if they carry burdens, let us give up our right when we are driving on the street! Let’s be gracious with our family members, forgiving them quietly and accepting them how they are, putting back all our hopes in them.
I am sure the blessing you are handing out will be back with you latest up to evening. For God is a great God, who certainly will not receive gifts, but generously wants to give presents to us humans.

Thank you, Jesus, You treat me so kind, merciful, patient and good! I also want to do this with my fellow human beings. You will help me with it and Your spirit will give me ideas. HE will show me where Your power of love is needed. Thank You for being with me today!

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