Devotions – 2014.07.30.

Devotions – 2014.07.30.

I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me.
Philippians 4, 13

When God calls you to do one thing, He will certainly give you strength and wisdom. It will be good if we do it together, closely with our Lord. That’s why Paul could almost proselytize half the world, and that successful. But sometimes we are just like vines in the vine, which are not really connected to the vine; only little juice and power flows into the vine. That may be because we are not on the path that Jesus gave us, but have chosen our own path. Some time ago I overloaded myself with plenty of work, meaningful work. But it wasn’t only too much, it also was not the work that the Lord wanted. So it came to the collapse; no strength. Only one opportunity was left, of which I had bucked me a long time, namely to sell everything. Now I want to listen more to Jesus and do only what He wants. I do not want to waste my strength and energy anymore, but invest in what He shows me. And that’s a lot as well. But now He really is my source of strength.
Of course, from time to time I have to make corrections, eg I need frequent breaks, and that has to be put into practice, but overall I feel better now. The stress is gone. I know He cares for me. Paul lived in a unique dependence on Jesus. This feeling, no, more than a feeling, this certainty that Jesus is always with him and may intervene at any time, made ​​him courageous. He had experienced abundance and poverty, satiety and hunger, success and failure, health and disease, and much, much more. But external life circumstances didn’t matter to him, for he knew from experience that Jesus can engage constantly. He was perfectly safe with Him, the Lord who loved him. Today Jesus will fill you with His power so that we can do what He wants and can take our place.

Jesus, You are my source of strength. Every morning You give me of Your heavenly bread and give me the energy I need for the day. Help me to always walk on the paths that You want and help me that I do not try to search an own way! Thank You for having so much patience and gentleness with Your child!

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