Devotions – 2014.11.03

Devotions – 2014.11.03

Other people are like the seeds sown among the thorn bushes. These are the ones who hear the message, but the worries about this life, the love for riches, and all other kinds of desires crowd in and choke the message, and they don’t bear fruit. But other people are like seeds sown in good soil. They hear the message, accept it, and bear fruit: some thirty, some sixty, and some one hundred.
Mark 4, 18ff

Jesus is coming soon. When we least expect it, he will come back. And, honestly, we think of Jesus’ return very little and pray rarely and not very seriously that Jesus may come back soon. Our desire really keeps within limits.
When He comes, everyone will get what he wants. A man only thinks of money. He would do anything for money. It shapes his thinking, willing and acting. Well, he we get his money, so much that he almost suffocates under that pile.
Another wants a new car. All his thoughts revolve around his new car. He always weighs the pros and cons when he sees a car. Well, he will get his car.
A third likes basketball. He’ll get a standing ticket for all games. A woman likes fashionable clothes…… One always wants to call the shots. One likes pretty girls….. One likes beer….. One is a fanatical gamer… In short, everyone gets what he wants. And that in abundance.
And there are still some people who love Jesus above all else. It is their hope, their longing and the core of their thinking, acting and willing. Well, Hallelujah, and they get what they want. The Angels bring these chosen ones from all ends of the earth, also from Lithuania and the last corner of Siberia, and bring them into the ballroom, where the great salvation celebration with Jesus takes place. When the last one is in the hall, the door clangs shut. No one can open it again.
When the door shuts, all dreams are destroyed, just as a mirror shatters into a thousand pieces. Yet there was the pile of money, the fine new car, the pretty girls… And now: Only shards. And all recognize: They have been taken in the deception of wealth and their own desires. The devil has tricked them with their own wishes.
But the celebration of the redeemed is real. All get a new dress. All bodies are transformed. The blind sees, the lame leaps, the deaf hears and the dumb sings. All diseases are healed. Cancer, hunger, thirst, leprosy and tuberculosis does not exist anymore. What a jubilation, what a liberation! Thank you, Jesus, I thank You for Your great salvation!

Thank you, Jesus, You will not forget me, but will take me to You! You’ve bought me for a high price and will never forget or forsake me. I look forward to celebrating with You! I am glad to see You, because You are yearning for my heart.

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