Devotions – 2014.12.04

My eyes are always looking to the Lord
because he will free my feet from the net.
Psalms 25, 15

Even if we are under a lot of pressure, when everything assails us at the same time and we are about to lose track, we can stand firm: Because He is there. He is at our side, and He still has the overview. Yes, He even has the final say! Not the circumstances and not the stress and pressure are ruling, but He! Or do we really believe that He would leave us in such situations? Just then we do need him! In Him my soul comes to rest, even under a lot of pressure. God wants us to be stress- and chaos-resistant. Therefore, He trains us. And I only need to remain firm in my faith that He won’t let me alone just now. Then the discord moves out of my heart and the peace of faith moves in; – Even in the midst of a chaotic situation. Do you remember how Jesus and his disciples went boating over a lake and He fell asleep from weariness? The enemy took advantage of that and sent a heavy storm, so that the boat was in danger of sinking. But Jesus was sleeping, safe and secure in the arms of His Father. Because He took care of His Son Jesus. The disciples cried out in fear, because they saw the storm and were afraid of it. Jesus still was asleep, as He looked up to God. They woke Him and He calmed the storm. But He rebuked them for their little faith; – They knew, He is the Lord, but could not believe in this situation.When we learn to always see on Him, we become strong and firm. Up to now He has freed us from every net, that the enemy has given us. He was my good Lord yesterday and will it be today as well.
Jesus, I want to thank You, You are my savior in all situations! How many times did You freed my feet from a net, that the enemy had made for me. You will also help me today, and You will be my savior. I can trust You, because You never disappoint me. You are my comforter, savior and helper!

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