Devotions – 2015.04.24

Devotions – 2015.04.24

The Lord said to Abram, “Leave your country, your relatives, and your father’s home, and go to a land that I am going to show you.
Genesis 12,1

Even Abram’s father Terah, was commissioned by God to move to Canaan. But he got stuck halfway. But God had His plan and called Abram. He wanted to create himself a holy people, a people that is a blessing for all others and whose personal God He is. God has great goals!
God is working through simple, ordinary people. The honor and glory should not belong to a human, but to God alone! So He takes Abram and realizes His plan. Abram was willing to give up everything to serve God. He had a great longing for God, and great faith in his Creator. And God had great faith in Abram, big plans for him and a big goal behind it. Abram left his country, his kinship and his father’s house. All his collateral he gave up. Since he knew God and knew: On Him you can rely on! When he arrived at the promised land, he crossed it and built altars anywhere to worship God. The prayer was the source of his strength.
Even us God wants to call out to a land of promise. But nothing should strain us, all we should leave and just go with confidence in our Almighty Father. He has great plans for us! If we give up everything that is important to us, God can fill us with His gifts and use us for His work. Everyone has his special place, for which God created him. Everyone has his own goal, a personal path and his own promise. We can not compare ourselves with each other. But God will lead everyone and will bring us to our purpose, when we live "carefree".

Father, here I am! I want to let off everything which prevents me from following You. Take me and use me, how You like it. You know I’m just a simple man. But You have good plans, ways and goals for me. Thank You for believing in me and never giving up hope! You are my Good Shepherd who leads and provides me faithfully. Thank You!

Bible reading today: Psalm 76, 1 – 13

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