Devotions – 2015.06.16

Devotions – 2015.06.16

I will be with you as I was with Moses. I will always be with you; I will never abandon you.
Joshua 1, 5
Moses was an old hero of faith. He brought the Israelites up out of Egypt and resisted the Pharaoh. He could talk with God face to face. And God has done great things through him! And just as God was with Moses, He now wants to be with Joshua, and not just with Joshua, but also with us! Everyone has the opportunity – thanks to Jesus – to come into God’s presence. It is simply gorgeous to see Him in the morning in His creation and to praise Him for that; – Then the heart becomes light and cheerful. He himself takes our worries and burdens; – So I can cheerfully sing! Yes, my heart is light, when He only is there. I know He will never leave me, and will never let me fall. Because of that I can be brave and strong! With His strength I can begin this new day and can go forward courageously; since He is here!

Thank you, Father in heaven, You have an eye on me! You watch over me and pave the way for me. You take my load and give me Your strength. And I can sing easily and happily and I can praise You, my wonderful God!

Bible reading today: Luke 8, 40 – 56

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