Devotions – 2015.07.02

Devotions – 2015.07.02

I don’t ignore the grace of God, because if we become righteous through the Law, then Christ died for no purpose.
Galatians 2, 21
All humans somehow are like small children for God. They quarrel about tiny little things, pursue any goals, argue and get along again, can be glad about little things or get into a bad situation through their curiousity and then need help. They are proud of nothing and are showing of loudly. But God loves these people! He looks much, much deeper than we can. Every single one He has created as it pleased Him, because He loves him. God has recognized: Humans can not become righteous so that He can like and love them; the sin sits to deep in his limbs. He sees the people’s desire for God, for a meaning and fulfillment in life. That is why HE gives grace. We can come to Him without any condition! Jesus has made ​​this possible.
But when I start again to work for this grace childishly, then it is gone. How to buy a gift? How to earn true pleasure? God has accepted me as I am! Must I now work this off and always be a good boy? No, God, our Father does not want, that we continue scrambling and try to earn God’s grace! Grace is already there! I can easily take it, despite or even because I am unworthy and imperfect. And if I ever wanted to try to work for grace, then Christ would have died for no purpose. He died precisely because He did not want us to die. He took the punishment for my transgressions, so that I will not be punished. How can it be that I want to get back a part of the punishment? No, I do not want to disregard this grace! My righteousness before God comes through Christ! He has not died in vain for me!

Thank you, Jesus, You accepted me without that I have done anything for it. Yes, this is grace! I will never be able to pay for this or to work this off. That’s why I love You because You have loved me first. That’s why I live for You, because You died for me out of love. You are the Lord I love!

Bible reading today: Luke 13, 18 – 35

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