Devotions – 2015.07.22

Devotions – 2015.07.22

He said to them, “It’s written, My house will be a house of prayer, but you have made it a hideout for crooks.”
Luke 19, 46
The temple of God should be beautiful and glorious. The worship of God should constantly take place there and the presence of God should bring healing and peace to the people. God should live and reign in His temple noticeably. There all tears should be dried and healing should be brought to the wounded hearts. But: All sorts of things can be found in the temple, only God himself you have to search. Jesus spoke about the temple which stood in Jerusalem. But the temple of God is our heart today. There the Spirit of God wants to live. Our heart, a house of prayer, without all the trash of this world, pure and holy to the Lord! Our heart, a place of rest, of healing that brings the presence of God. It is supposed to be in a permanent, intimate communion with our Heavenly Father and His peace and joy will reign there. But sometimes our heart is full of bitterness. Lord, help us to forgive as You have forgiven us! Then the peace of God can come into our hearts again. And if we are too busy to find peace, we should ask God if everything we took on us is really necessary. His burden is light, ours often is heavy, too heavy for one human alone.

Father, help me to find rest in You! I give You my bitterness and unrest; help
me to live according to Your will. Your peace should fill my heart!

Bible reading today: Luke 22, 47 – 71

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