Devotions – 2015.08.05

Devotions – 2015.08.05

“Get up and go…"
Jonah 1, 2

God’s people is in motion, actually there is no standstill. There is not even a contemplative life as a pensioner on the sofa. God wants to use us! It is a great honor for us that the Almighty, great God wants to take us as His tools to build His kingdom. But HE has entrusted everybody special gifts and talents. Together, each with its gifts, it can succeed! But it is necessary that we rise, finally get up and go. God puts desires in everyones heart, if we place ourselves at His disposal, how we can work for Him. But again and again resistors turn up and in our minds revolve thougts, what all speaks against it. But when God considers it possible, how can I know it better? He would now give courage to stand up and start . He will be with us, correcting errors and pouring out blessings.
Summarize the decision to take your goal! Discuss it with the Lord, and let you encourage! Occupy the land that lies before you! Set yourself in motion!
The Lord said to His disciples: I will make you fishers of men. The community consists of a wide variety of people with different gifts. All together they are like a net that wins people for Jesus. But if the network is "lying around" without any use or if it is severely damaged, no people come to Jesus. Jesus asks you today: Get up! Come back to your calling!

Thank you, Jesus, You want to use me to build Your kingdom! Actually I do not feel worthy to work for the holy God. But you want me to equip and encourage me. Yes, Lord, I want! With You together it will be wonderful!

Bible reading today: Psalm 102, 1 – 29

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