Devotions – 2015.08.21

Devotions – 2015.08.21

Here I am with the children that God has given me.
Hebrews 2, 13
There is no better way to express the profound relationship between Jesus and His children. He has rescued us from being lost and made us to children of God. What do we expect of children? That they always say "Thank you"? Or that they always behave well? Or that they work their socks off for their father? Actually we just expect, that a child just turns to its father, full of trust and devotion. The parents are responsible for all needs. And it’s expected that parents love and protect their child.
God has chosen His children! He wants to be a father, who loves them, protects them and cares for them. And we should trust Him boundless. It is a relationship which is governed by love and trust. It is certainly no employment relationship or " healing program ". It’s not always about guilt, forgiveness and improvement, but mainly about this relationship. How should we be able to work off the redemption and forgiveness? Jesus sees us as a community, He makes himself one with us. He, the Good Shepherd and the kids are one unit. He takes us when He will be in the presence of God and He himself will stand up for us. He feels responsible for us! And we want to trust our Savior always and in all things.

Thank you, Jesus, you have not only saved me, but also made me a child of God! Now I can always come to you – full of trust. You care for me, as parents care for their children. You surround me with your loving, strong hand and protect me. Always and everywhere you have a way out. Yes, You are the Lord who loves His children!

Biblereading today: Psalm 113, 1 – 9

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