Devotions – 2015.08.30

Devotions – 2015.08.30

I am telling you the truth: a grain of wheat remains no more than a single grain unless it is dropped into the ground and dies. If it does die, then it produces many grains.
John 12, 24

There once was a grain of wheat that didn’t want to die. When the wheat was sown, it hid and did not fall into the ground. It laid on top of the earth, was glad and thought "I live! I’m not buried like the others! Hey, I’m doing fine!" – But as soon as it had said it, a raven came and pecked the grain of wheat ….
No one would like to die. And yet we must someday. Jesus says it is better to become small already here on earth and to pay little attention to yourself, than to be dead forever in eternity. The wheat grain in the earth bears much fruit. And a person who is "dead" for himself, bears much fruit for Jesus. Jesus will remember these people and on the last day He will give them a new life.
Anyone who thinks only of himself remains alone. He has very little community with others. But the man who "sacrifices" himself for others, has many friends and siblings. And above all: Jesus is with him!
Many mothers sacrifice themselves for their children. And she sees the fruit growing up. There are many spiritual mothers and fathers who sacrifice themselves for their "children". They see their fruit grow and Jesus will say someday: Well done! You forgot yourself, so I will not forget you!

Thank you, Jesus, You have given us a good example! You have denied yourself and You have sacrificed yourself for us. Now I will offer my own will and my desires to You. I want to be a grain of wheat that dies for You. Then You will give me Your life and wealth!

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