Devotions — 2016.02.24

Devotions — 2016.02.24

“Didn’t I tell you that you would see God’s glory if you believed?”
John 11, 40

Jesus had a friend, Lazarus. He had died and reproached Jesus for it. If you had come right away, you would have healed him and he would not be dead now. It was really difficult for Jesus to wait first, instead of helping His friend immediately. But He knew: God wants to do a bigger sign! He is the Lord about sickness and even death. Now Jesus stood on the grave, but He did not look into the open grave, but raised his eyes to the Lord and thanked Him. Only then He called Lazarus, Come out! And Lazarus really came out of the grave.
This starts with us to decide what we believe. Was Lazarus really dead, or perhaps only seemingly dead? What do we believe? Miracle or coincidence?
I know a woman whose life is full of miracles. But she tells it’s always like this: "I arrived 5 minutes late to the station, but – what a coincidence! – The train had 5 minutes delay"! Although she knows that God causes miracles, she gives all her honor to the coincidence.
I know people, in whose lives nothing spectacular happens. And yet they praise the Lord for every little thing. Eating and drinking is normal for most people, – because this is for what they have worked – but they praise God that He gives them these great things. If they have new clothes, they act as if God has given it to them. They simple make Him responsible for all the good things that happen in their lives. This creates a cheerful, relaxed atmosphere which makes one feel at home. They can share everything, because it’s not theirs, but God has given it to them. And they see miracles for miracles! And – strangely – In addition to the "normal" things God does many other things in their lives. You can feel and see how God’s blessing lies upon their lives. God is a loving father who likes to give His children gifts! But: Do I believe that? Do I see this and perceive it?

Thank you, Father, for the many small things that You give me! You are a generous God! I really have everything I need. Help me not to be stingy and greedy, but to share and give like You. Lord, I want to see Your miracles in my life! Open my eyes!
Bible reading today: Isaiah 11, 1 – 16

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