Devotions – 2017.01.19

Devotions – 2017.01.19

For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again,
but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes

Proverbs 24:16

Our Lord knows us. He knows that we are sometimes discouraged and dejected. He knows we are sometimes on the ground, beaten and trampled. He knows our fickle heart. He knows we have periods of depression, hopelessness, unbelief, doubt and self-condemnation. But He wants today to encourage you because He knows us through and through, and loves us very much.
He never blames us, but calls us “righteous” because Jesus has made us righteous. He reminds us never of our sins, but forgives and forgives and forgives. For he says: We should sometimes daily award forgiveness 7 times seventy; – And He himself adheres well to it!
It does not matter what happened yesterday. This morning get up again! When you’re down, you do not have to remain there, for the Lord is waiting for you! He wants to meet you again with love and wants to spend this morning and all day with you today. He is the father who holds unconditionally to you.
Arise, and let it not be the case that the enemy, the liar, cheat, murderer and destroyer triumphs! Jesus has defeated him a long time ago ….
Give your glory to God and do not remain lying beaten! Let him comfort you, straighten you, heal the injury and fill you with new courage, because that is what Jesus wants, our Good Samaritan, will do it.

Thank you, Jesus, never you condemn me! I’m sorry that I so often lie on the ground and despair of me, and this life. But I want to get up and turn my gaze to you, because you are my savior, comforter and helper. You’re the winner, also over me and my little problems!

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