Divine Authority  –  2019.12.17

Divine Authority  –  2019.12.17

That day the LORD exalted Joshua in the sight of all Israel, and they stood in awe of him all the days of his life, just as they had stood in awe of Moses.
Joshua 4, 14

Joshua was a man of silence. He served Moses when he was in the sanctuary. He accompanied Moses on all his ways and he saw how the LORD worked through Moses and how prayer was heard. The time together with the LORD:  that is the reason Joshua’s safety and source of strength was the same as that of Moses and also Jesus: . There he received instructions, there the thirst of his own soul was quenched, there he became strong. He was not the great leader who intoxicated the multitude with his slogans, but he was the one who kept the word, whose words contained power and truth, who proclaimed the word of God. Therefore they listened to him. That is why they were afraid of him, for they knew that God stood by him. He had heavenly authority.
So often we have arguments with leaders who have appointed themselves and do not draw their foundation from the silence with God, but from their own innate leadership qualities. But they lead the flock according to their own standards and their own discretion. God often has other plans. They must always be on their guard in case someone else takes the lead because he may be more gifted. A man of God stands and falls through the Lord and not through the crowd. He is safe, even when people fail him. God’s men are appointed by Him and endowed with authority. The human leaders of the church are more appearance than being. That is why we need the gift of discernment of spirits to know who God has appointed to lead and who has appointed himself as the leader.
If God has appointed and called you to a particular task, be sure. He determines your work and He blesses it and grants success. Seek His face in silence so that you may have power and authority out of silence. Then comes the serenity that God gives for your tasks. He is great, He does not leave His child alone.

Thank You​,​ Jesus​,​ for confirming and giving authority. It is hard for us to acquire or fight for them. But in You we are safe and calm in our work, because You are with us. Thank You!

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