Divorce – some thoughts about it  -2020.01.15

Divorce – some thoughts about it  -2020.01.15

So they are no longer two, but one flesh.
Therefore what God has joined together,
let no one separate.
Matthew 19:6

Jesus is talking about marriage here. which is a gift from God and can be wonderful like heaven on earth. God had created everything perfectly. But without Him so many marriages are more like hell, at least cold and indifferent. Why?  We do not want to look into that at the moment.
But here some thoughts about divorce: No doubt the 6th commandment which does not allow adultery is good. But as man is hard-hearted Moses allowed people to get divorced. Without God both partners normally bring a lot of mistakes, weaknesses, and burdens into the marriage. Then finally a divorce can be better as a hell forever. You are called to peace Paul writes in 1. Corinthiana 7.
I have heard so much about bad marriages, have been told so much suffering that I cannot imagine, that God wants marriage at any costs. Of course not! He is merciful, full of compassion and forgiveness, not so the law. In His mercy He showed us a way out of it, sent us Jesus who made out of a hard heart a soft one, so that forgiveness and grace dominates over all. The law shows us how it should be. Our awareness of sin reveals to us the reality that we are lost. In His mercy God then takes us by His hand and leads us out of this misery through Jesus.
I do not know anybody who took it easy to be divorced. It is something terrible in any case. But if we see our faults and confess them God forgives. How soothing for us! And He helps that we forgive our culprits as well. What a relief when after years of bitterness and bad memories all vengueance and hurt can be overcome in Jesus name. New ways and thoughts, which God has for us, are waiting for us. Each morning His compassion is new! There is no marriage without forgiveness, without God through whom we should let us show the right way.
My dear friends, take care whom you choose! Seek the yes of your God to avoid any bad awakening. He has the right partner for you.

Thank You, Jesus, You forgive me! And if my guilt is blood red, You make me ​white​ like snow. You take away my thoughts of revenge, heals my injuries, help me to forgive. How liberating to be secure in Your hands. With ​Y​ou I look forward with hope.

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