Ecumenism of the heart  –  2020.12.03

Ecumenism of the heart  –  2020.12.03

How good and pleasant it is
when God’s people live together in unity!
Psalm 133, 1

In a certain large city there are about 10 Christian communities. Each consists of between 10 and 50 members. Together there are about 300 people, but separately there are only a ten puny bunch.
It is impossible to start something big. There are not enough people to start a daycare centre for children, the congregation is too small for a choir…. wouldn’t it be nice if one congregation offered a daycare service, the other had a wonderful choir, the third a powerful football team and the number four a real scout club! Then our children would be able to join in! And we ourselves could get involved in activities that interest us, for example in evangelism, prison work and others.
If our congregations would visit each other, organize a church service every month or the pastors and elders would pray together …. Perhaps then we could go one step further.
Baptists can remain Baptists, Methodists remain Methodists, as do Lutherans, Pentecostals and Catholics. But you do something together, in peace, appreciation and harmony. How happy Jesus would be, yes, He would be proud of us!
When we list what unites us Christians, a thousand things are quickly listed. And what separates us? That is quickly summarised in 5 sentences.
But above all: We have the same Lord, the same Creator, the same goal, the same Spirit …. Shouldn’t we practice humility and visit or invite others? Do we not want to sit at the same table with them?
This is a matter of the heart for Jesus. HE wants it sooo much! By our unity the world will know that Jesus is really the LORD, says John.
He wants this harmony, unity in peace, community of hearts, He wants us to be together!
Ecumenism of hearts, unity of believers, that is what we want, but not ecumenism of organisations.

Thank You Jesus, You have done so much for us! You have washed us clean through Your blood. You have given us Your Spirit together. Help us to become more humble and courageous; help us to walk Your way together! And be our common LORD!

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