In You I find Rest – 2019.12.03

In You I find Rest – 2019.12.03

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
Proverbs 13,12

Since I know Jesus, He is fulfilling all my desire. Daily I talk with Him about everything, about small or bigger affairs. Always He is near on my side. If we walk together and I am able to pour out my heart I feel His presence and listen to His voice. How wonderful it is to have such a Lord who loves me unconditionally.
However this was not always the case. Howmany goals I was running after in the course of my life. Many of them could not be achieved and those attained finally did not satisfy me. I felt like a donkey pulling a wheelbarrow and trying to snap at blades of grass which the coachman was holding in a safe distance so that he never could reach those what kept him running. Restless I was looking always for something new. Where is the fulfillment of my dreams? Praise the Lord, now I found rest in Jesus! His peace is safeguarding my heart. He is my Helper, my Encouragment, my Comforter. Sometimes I am forgetting Him and try to settle matters by myself. However, quickly upcoming problems are leading me back to my Saviour. How wonderfully sheltered I am in Him!

Yes, Jesus, again I am opening my heart to you. Where you are, there is peace, joy and hope. You alone are fulfilling my desire. You say yes to me because You love me. Only in you I can live. You are taking away all my sorrows and fear. Many things whitch seemed to be absolutely necessary for me before, are now not wanted by me anymore – for I have You!


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