End Time  –  2020.07.29

End Time  –  2020.07.29

Jesus says: Surely I am with you always,
to the very end of the age.
Matthew 28:20

I just read the latest news and really there are so much fright and horror. This can scare you. Everything is getting worse. Yes, we know we live in a fallen world but it becomes more and more obvious now! Only few years ago nobody could imagine that the world can be shaken in such a strong way and people hardly thought about the return of Jesus. But now everything has changed. One striking event after the other happens. the “last days” are getting real.
Fervent Christians always expected Jesus to come soon. But now a greater number of believers is doing the same: Time is getting short, it will not last long.
How wonderful that we are standing on firm ground in times of trouble: It is Jesus Christ! He is in control, He rules over everything! We can trust Him firmly. He hold us in His protective hands, nobody can pull us out of them. We thank Him for the courage and comfort that He is giving to us, for the joyfulness and for His help to overcome all troubles.For us Christians He is love and not judgement!
How soothing that Jesus is so close to me in these times. I am not alone, all worries I can throw at Him, no stress! He is with me when I do my daily work, drive my car, or sit in a bus, when I wash the dish, take care of the children, or work in the garden. He is with me all the time and everywhere! I always seek His presence to receive His protection, His wisdom, His advices inmidst of chaotic situations.
No, I do not have to be afraid of the end of the world. Still more turbulent times may come but Jesus is there my Prince of Peace, my Lord, King of the universe.The world  may end, but His word remains. A new restored world He will build. He will lead us through all horror of the end times into a new world where he is King. God`s plan will be fulfilled! No death anymore, no sickness, no suffering!

Lord, I am awaiting You! I am firmly in Your hand, and nothing can pull me out of same. I am safe with You, heaven and earth may pass away. You love me so much!

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