Enoch, a hero of faith  –  2020.10.29

Enoch, a hero of faith  –  2020.10.29

By faith, Enoch was taken from this life, so that he did not experience death.
Hebrews 11, 5

Enoch was one of the arch-fathers, a descendant of Adam and his son was Methuselah, the oldest man in the world, his great-grandson was Noah, who built the ark. Enoch did not grow very old compared to his ancestors and descendants, because God took him from this life.
There are only three people who were raptured: Enoch, Elijah and Jesus. Enoch must have been an extraordinary personality. Unfortunately, not much is reported about him, only that he walked his way with God. But is that not enough? Then as now, there are so many temptations and other ways – it is always easy to “get rid” of God and go our own way. But Enoch was faithful to God for several hundred years.
Can we say the same about ourselves? I myself had converted and then travelled my own ways for many years. It caused me much grief and pain, but I wanted it that way. Today I know better: If I had listened to God immediately and always, I would have always followed His ways, without compromise, without lies, without fear of my fellow men!
Enoch went his way with God. He was steadfast. Faithful. Firmly convinced of God. He stuck to his prayer times, read the Bible regularly (unfortunately it did not yet exist, otherwise he definitely would have!), was merciful, an image of God ….. God thought so highly of him that He called Enoch to Himself. Enoch did not need to grow old and experience the infirmities of old age, he was raptured in a fraction of a second before the chair of God. There he is well, there he can see his God face to face. He is a friend of God and God is his friend.
He is an example of faith, that is why God has made sure that he is counted among the fathers and heroes of faith in this chapter, Hebrews 11.
And you? Where are you? Are you faithful to Him, are you walking your road with Him? Are you making compromises in this word, and lying? If you prefer to walk with God, then you need have no regrets and your life  will have meaning and purpose.

Thank You Jesus that You know each of us so well. Even the silent ones in the land, who are invisible to all. You know their faithfulness and their uncompromising attitude towards sin. You will bring them near to You. Thank You!!!

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