Envy and greed, peace and joy – 2016.05.12

Envy and greed, peace and joy – 2016.05.12

The kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
Romans 14, 17

Food and drink, clothing and housing is important. But God wants to provide us with everything if we just listen to him and are not loafers.
This text is about obeying all the laws: This one is allowed to eat, that one is not. This one may enjoy, that one is not. The Bible says: All is well, what God has made and what we enjoy with thanks. Do you feel guilty, then rather don’t do it!
And: Do not judge others. If they have the freedom to eat and drink, then let them. God is the judge, not you. Do not tear down the kingdom of God because of food! Do not destroy the peace that God gives, because of a dispute about nothingness! For eating, drinking, enjoyment, clothing, housing – all this is nothingness that is consumed and no longer there. But God’s Kingdom, peace, justice and joy are eternal! They are much, much more valuable than anything else. Or you can eat until you have peace and justice? Can you fast until you have earned the pleasure?
If I am hungry and go to the department store, I want to buy so much! I need it!! Well, that’s not hard to guess: The greed, disguised as a threat of existence, takes room.
Once I was invited for a barbecue. But I was in a hurry in the morning and took only a little bread and sausages with me. The others came with fine salads and thick Shisch-Kebaps, and I chewed my dry bread. What probably went through my mind? Clear, envy, disguised as hunger for justice!
As long as greed and envy, hidden deep within us and well camouflaged, govern us – even if they occur only from time to report and open in appearance, – we are not in the kingdom of God with His righteousness, peace and joy. Only when we are really on top of things, His peace can take root in us.
We want to bind to Jesus and believe Him for our supply. I have a lot, I am grateful, I have little, I will be grateful. I do not want to compare myself with others! I no longer want to have it all! I want to be satisfied with what he is.
As long as the Spirit of God governs me, He silences envy and greed. God’s Spirit puts the righteousness, peace and joy in my heart. Yes, I will!
I want to go my way as a function of Jesus, with the Holy Spirit in my heart. I will be grateful, cheerful, confident and without load. Thank you, Jesus, You care well for me!!

Thank You, Heavenly Father, that You look after me well! I want to believe in You and trust You, that You are giving me everything I needed. And I want to thank. I will not let myself be ruled by greed and envy that can destroy my peace!

Bible Reading Today: Colossians 4: 2-18

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