Ever-burning fire – 2016.05.20

Ever-burning fire – 2016.05.20

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The fire shall ever be burning on the altar, it must not go out, and the priest shall every morning lay wood. … A permanent fire shall burn on the altar; it must not be extinguished.
Leviticus 6, 12-13.

A few days ago it was very cold at night and I wanted to light the stove once again. For half an hour I tried to light the stove, but it would not work. Well, I was a bit silly, I had in fact put no wood into it. So then you cannot burn a furnace of course!
For us Christians, it is similar: We want to burn for Jesus, or we realize we do not burn for him and do not even notice that there is nothing to burn. Of course, we do not need natural wood for burning. But what then do we need?
At Pentecost the tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit came. They lit this fire in the hearts of the disciples. And then what was burning in the disciples? Or the Holy Spirit automatically came every morning and put them back into fire?
No, “wood” we need to load itself, new every morning. Then the fire of love is burning for Jesus. Our wood is the cross, it was made of wood. This is the forgiveness that we have every day as needed, and the forgiveness that we grant to others. (We are not better judges as God – if He forgives our fellow-men, how could we be them evil and grudge them their guilt?) And then there are other fuels. There is the oil. This is an image of the spirit of God. We need him in order to live a Christian life. And there’s the gratitude. Thank turns us toward God. As long as we stay grumpy and bitter about the evil and injustice and see everything bad, we do not see God. By thanking we raise our eyes to God. It changed our whole attitude, thinking, feeling and acting. Once I start to thank my face lights up and I’m glad. Yes, sing and praise to pull us up! The more grateful I am God, the brighter the flame of my love burns to Him. So, let us give thanks, thanks and thanks again! He is worthy.

Thank You, Jesus, and thank You again!! You are so good to me! Please, send me more of Your Spirit, so I thank You even more and my heart is even more grateful! It makes me happy when I think about all of that I can thank You. Yes, You’re wonderful!

Bible reading today: 1 Thessalonians 5, 1 – 11

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