Everything through Jesus  –  2020.08.28

Everything through Jesus  –  2020.08.28

Through Him all things were made;
without Him nothing was made that has been made.
In Him was life,
and that life was the light of all mankind.
John 1, 3f.

Without God there is no life. No one can grow it in the laboratory. God blew the breath/spirit into man and he began to live. If He takes back this breath, man dies.
Our creation is so wonderful, so complicated, so amazing, so incomprehensible, contains so many secrets, – it is amazing that people actually believe that everything is a dumb coincidence. They must have a great faith! Not even the greatest thinkers can manage half of creation.  On the contrary. We will not be taken for fools: God created the world through His Word. HE spoke, and the earth came into being. HE blew His breath/spirit into the living beings, and they became alive.
Just as He created the earth and all living beings, He called you by name and you came into being. You are no coincidence, HE wanted you. HE is the Father of life and light, hope and joy. Come to Him and take the place He has planned for you. Come to the Father and let Him be your Father. HE wanted you, HE loves you, HE has hope and future for you.
The living word of God is Jesus. In Him is life. It is still hidden until you reveal it yourself. It is real life, fulfilled life, contentment and gratitude are spreading, joy, confidence and peace are the trademarks. Take the life that Jesus has for you! Let Him be LORD in your life, let Him be in your heart!
Jesus is the light. Even in darkest night, in loneliness and despair. HE sends help. HE puts an end to the darkness in you and it becomes light in you. Throw your worries and depression, your darkness and hopelessness onto Jesus and take Him into your heart. Invite Him, He will come. For He loves you. And with Him life will succeed.

Thank You Jesus, You have come so that we do not sink into hopelessness and darkness. You are the Savior! Please come into my heart and make light and life! You shall be my King!! My dark thoughts, worries, discord, loneliness, guilt … I surrender everything to You. Please, free me, please, come and dwell in me!!

Do you want to accept Jesus and don’t really know how to do it? Write to me! Then we will pray together.
Frank Lauermann <frank.lietuva@gmail.com>

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