Examine me! – 2015.09.22

Examine me! – 2015.09.22

Examine me, God! Look at my heart!
Put me to the test! Know my anxious thoughts!
Psalms 139:23

When God tests and examines us, it is not just like the police does it. The police is looking for flaws and transgressions of the law. God is different, He looks for the good and wants to strengthen it. He wants to cut down and weed out the bad and let the good grow. He sees us with the loving eyes of a father!
Sometimes we feel as if we were displeasing God. Something in us keeps us at a distance from God. Somehow we cannot believe and trust Him completely. There are any inhibitions or sand in the drive. So it’s good to let God examine, where the flaw actually is. It cannot be in Him, for He is always right, just, good and loving.
And when He examines me, He does not want to run me down and look for my mistakes, judge or condemn me. He wants to make me aware of things that I myself might not see. Then I can work on it and improve it with His help.
I need the silence, this loneliness with the Lord. Then He can speak into my heart. I need a brother who has insight into my life and whom I can trust. He can see everything objectively and question it. Jesus attaches great importance to this teamwork! It is against our pride, destroys the power of the enemy, is an aid in confession, encourages, gives hope … He knows us and therefore advises us to not stand alone, but to keep talking to a person of confidence.
He is worried about me. That’s why I pray:

Lord, examine me, my heart and my thoughts! It should please You. Expose what is against you and eliminate it! Let me walk on the old path of faith, because I long for You! I want to remove the obstacles and let You work in me. Thanks, You are my helper and not my judge!

Psalm 133, 1 – 3

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