Faith and motion – 2016.05.30

Faith and motion – 2016.05.30

Jesus said to Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew:
Come, follow me and I will send you out to fish for people.
Matthew 4,19

Do you know Bernd? He is a friendly, religious man. Every Sunday, he sits in his bench in church and waits. There is a certain sadness about him. He has been waiting many years for his assignment. When Jesus asked: Who should I send? Who will be our messenger? – he replied: Here I am, send me! And ever since, he has been sitting there, waiting. We soon realise that something has gone wrong here. The good man did not start moving. Only through movement can Jesus lead us; as long as we sit, He cannot lead us. There were many countries, with great need, where Bernd might have wanted to go. But he could not decide. He was waiting for a special command from Jesus. He prayed a lot and often read his Bible. But how was he to know where Jesus wanted to send him? As the years went on, he became more and more sad. He thought Jesus did not like him, that Jesus could not use him. Poor Bernd!
Jesus never gives us a detailed “job description”. He waits for us to convert our perception into action. Step for step. And then he shows us the next step. He speaks to us through prayer and moulds our faith. He never gives complete certainty. Trust is always called for. Trust that He leads. Trust that He is always present. Trust that He corrects us when we take the wrong path. He wants this faith in His being, and not in detailed instructions that will still be questioned afterward. He who clings to Him is safe. He who wants to cling to instructions will soon notice that these are merely paper.
It is the same in our daily lives. We believe that He is using us, and proceed joyously. Because we know that He will correct us if we take the wrong path. Because He is there! We want to do good deeds, stay humble and be a blessing to our community. Then we note that Jesus has all things in His strong hand and works through us.
And when He calls us in a great matter, He will put this thought into our hearts first. This thought grows and occupies us more and more. Soon we take the first step in this direction, and Jesus gives us joy. Eventually we become faster, braver and more determined, until we are at the place where Jesus wants us. That is where we are needed, and where we find joy.
He is the Lord who leads us safely! Let us embark on this adventure with Him! Today and always!

Yes, Lord Jesus, in Your hand I am safe. I need contact and communion with You, so that I may walk safely without losing my way. With You I can be brave, happy and strong! Yes, let us walk together!

Bible study for today: 1. Timothy 4, 1 – 16

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