Faith wins  –  2020.06.09

Faith wins  –  2020.06.09

Jesus replied:
Should not this daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has kept bound for eighteen long years, be set free on the Sabbath day?
Luke 13, 16

On the Sabbath Jesus taught in the synagogue. There sat a woman who had been sick for 18 years because a demon was plaguing her. She had a bent back and could no longer walk straight. Jesus called her to him and said to her: “Woman, you are delivered from your suffering!” – and He laid His hands on her. Immediately she stood up and praised God. But the pious were indignant because it was the holy Sabbath. Jesus could also heal on Monday…
HE answered them: “Each of you unties your donkey or ox, and leads them to water, even on the Sabbath. Yet this daughter of Abraham is not to be healed on the Sabbath? – The enemies were ashamed, but all the people rejoiced in all the great works which Jesus did.
Jesus calls this poor woman “daughter of Abraham”, that is, a daughter of faith, a descendant of Abraham. He was called “friend of God” because he trusted God.  She walks in His footsteps because she held on to her faith until Jesus finally healed her. With Abraham, it took decades before he had a son, and with this woman 18 years until liberation. – A long time, but in the end there was the victory of faith.
Even a child of faith can be tormented and bound by Satan. The serpent will sting us in the heel, but we shall trample its head. It can make our lives enormously difficult, but as children of faith we will triumph. Our faith and the powerful Word of Jesus will always win.
The law, piety and our own holiness will not help here. The living word of Jesus is above all. He defies our ideas and heals when and how He pleases. We should never stand in His way!
Faith in Jesus wins. HE promised us salvation and we should not give up until we are completely delivered from all torture and bondage. He is victorious!!

Thank You Jesus, You have defeated Satan and together with You we can defeat him. You want freedom for us, salvation, forgiveness, peace and joy. Your will for us is good! Thank You, Jesus!

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