False humility –  2020.08.13

False humility –  2020.08.13

But he cried out even louder, “Son of David, have mercy on me!”
Luke 18, 39

You know the story of the blind man of Jericho? He was sitting on the street begging because he couldn’t work. There were hundreds, yes, thousands of people cheering Jesus. He asked what was going on and they answered: “The Savior is coming. – Then he started to shout: Lord, have mercy on me!!! And he cried louder and louder. The people didn’t want to hear him scream, it was disturbing. They even threatened him. But he shouted even louder: Lord, have mercy!!! And suddenly Jesus stopped: What was that? A cry for help? Who is shouting?? Bring him here! – Gone were the festivities, the good atmosphere, the religious feelings. The blind man was brought to Jesus, who asked him: What do you want? – Lord, I want to see again!! – Oh, says Jesus, then look! Your faith has helped you! – And the blind man did indeed see again.
This story would not be in the Bible if the blind man had behaved like a normal Christian: Humble. – Lord, I may be blind, but I can hear well. How grateful I am for everything! Look, I can move all my fingers, I can hear, speak and smell, hallelujah, what more do I want? Because of a little blindness, well, you get me through it and take care of me. What more do I want? I am soooo thankful, Lord!!
If the blind man had been so “humble”, the story wouldn’t be in the Bible. Neither would Zacchaeus, who hid in a tree to see Jesus. Or the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet with precious oil, or or or or …….
Jesus understands humility differently. First of all you are the most important person for Him. No one is more important to Him than you! Learn to understand this before you sink into false humility.
We can only become truly humble because we are the most important person for Him in the world. Just as He fished the blind man out of the masses, just as He saw Zacchaeus on the tree, so it is you that His love is for! And therefore: When He comes, respond with your needs! He wants you to tell Him so that He can nurse them. No false humility, then you will never experience your wonder!
We had dear visitors and one of them complained of backache. I said we could pray for it, but the woman said she was not so important, she was used to the pain and could bear it. I tried a few more times with all kinds of questions. But she did not want attention, she did not want prayer. If the blind man had been as humble as this person, the story of the blind man would not be in the Bible. I think the woman missed a wonderful chance to get well. And it certainly wasn’t for the glory of Christ. What a pity.
Beware of false humility. It paralyzes God’s healing arm! He wants to love us, He wants to do us good!

Thank You Jesus, You came because we are so important to You. I am the most important person to You! Thank You, I can hardly believe it, but you keep showing me. You take good care of me, and I can be really humble sometimes. Thank You.

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