Finally silence  –  2020.04.04

Finally silence  –  2020.04.04

I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.
John 15, 5

Jesus is longing for His church, His beloved bride, for whom He sacrificed Himself on the cross. HE loves her hot and dearly!
But the beloved bride has no time. She cares about her well-being. She needs holidays, rest, edification, worship parties and seminars with her superstars. She also has to take care of her physical well-being and work hard to keep the cash register. One wants to go on holiday, the children should be well and a new set of couches could be available. So time passes and the LORD stands at the door and knocks. But hardly anyone wants to hear him or has time for him. They praise him, but do not care about him.
Then the lord becomes sad and says: How can I win back my bride? – and He sends problems and viruses and diseases and suffering. But at first this is of no use either. Only when the governments impose isolation does it become quiet. Now everyone’s sitting at home twiddling their thumbs with boredom. Some get “camp fever” and want to escape, but that’s not possible. Jesus is happy, now His church has the chance to become quiet and listen to Him.
Let’s use the chances this time brings us and seek His face! Let us seek new insights with Him, answers to our questions, new hope and new goals! Let us study the Bible, now we have time! Let us finally pray seriously for our family, neighbors and friends! Let us not waste this time too, but use it wisely, as the LORD wants us to do! Let us remain united with Him, the vine, and new life will spring from us. Let us stop our Christian activities that prevent us from having contact with Him!
Do you know how long you are still alive? How many days do you have left? Use them so that you can stand before the Lord and say: Lord, I have lived for you.

Thank ​Y​ou, Jesus, ​Y​ou want to show yourself in silence and talk to us. You have words of life. We want to turn back to You and become silent and let ourselves be filled anew by You. You yourself, and not a program, shall be alive in us. Thank ​Y​ou for loving us so much!

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