First Love  –  2020.07.01

First Love  –  2020.07.01

Consider how far you have fallen!
Repent and do the things
you did at first!
Revelation 2:5

The church in Ephesus is addressed here to which above words are written. Jesus is worried that this church has left the first love and has got cold, or lukewarm. He reminds them of this hot first love for Him that they had experienced in the beginning in heavenly places wherefrom they have fallen too deep in this world. Please do not stay lukewarm, remember,return to the first love for Jesus, keep your spirit fervor.
This first love has rescued many of my friends out of the swamp of alcoholism, drugs and other additictions. Their love for Jesus had been overflowing. But a few years later after having begun to study theology they boasted over of their knowledge. They are now teachers but not witnesses of Jesus anymore. They know everything but have forgotten the love of Jesus. Their bookshelves are full of theological writings about Jesus and many saints, about Christian tradition. But Jesus is not the Number One, the Centre of everything anymore. Friends! Please return to the first Love!
When I found Jesus I was happy beyond measure. I was touched by His love that overwhelmed me so deeply. Oh, how I enjoyed His love! But then I was confronted with my daily work, with family life and other problems that put Jesus far away in a corner of my life. What a pity, together with Him I would have come through all challenges far better. Each struggle would have  served me best. Quickly I will return to Him, my beloved One! Now I want to love Him as He loved me from the beginning.
I know a man in Russia who loved Jesus and was prepared to do everything for Him, absolutely crazy things that blow everyone`s mind: One day a voice spoke to him, it was the Holy Spirit, and ordered to drive to a certain crossroad  in the country. Before doing that he should put on a blue and a red sock. He obeyed although it seemed rather strange to him. When he arrived at the crossroad the Spirit asked him: “Make loud praise musik, jump on the top of the car roof, roll up your pants so that one can see your socks and then begin to dance! He was rather confused about these commands but he did it. After some minutes a car approached and stopped immediately. The driver got out, fell on his knees and thanked Jesus. Then the driver explained that he has refused to believe unless he would see a man dancing on a roof of a car with red and blue socks praising Jesus. The absolute unexpected had now occured and helped him to take the step of faith. Only the first hot love of Jesus makes us do such unusuabel things.
So return to the first love, love Him hotly and intimately. Be open for unusual instructions and ready to obey, show Him your love. He appreciates that. He loved you first!

Thank You, Jesus! You love me hotly and intimately. You died for me on the cross. Now I will respond to love you over all. You are worth it, oh my beloved Jesus!

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