Five steps of humility –  2020.08.09

Five steps of humility –  2020.08.09

…God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.
1.Peter 5,5

There are many things in life of faith that a proud person never experiences. Only a humble person experiences the blessings that lie in these things.
For example, there is baptism, confession, pastoral care, the Lord’s Supper and fasting. All of these are symbolic acts in which God puts a lot of blessing and which a proud person does not like. He instinctively resists baptism and gives all kinds of reasons why it is not necessary. But the blessing of God is on those who are obedient and get baptized, just as even Jesus got baptized. What is the point of going into water and being submerged? It cannot be explained, but the blessing can be seen. Just as with the Syrian Naeman, who came to Elijah with leprosy and was to „go into the dirty Jordan three times. He was also proud, something so simple was not enough for this difficult healing. So he could wash himself much better in Damascus in the clean rivers. But when he was obedient and submerged himself three times in the Jordan, he was healed. It is God’s work in these symbolic acts that brings healing, it is not the act itself.
A proud person does not actually do anything wrong. That is why he has no knowledge of sin, or only very superficial knowledge. A humble person can see and confess his sin, faults, offences and failures. He can ask for forgiveness and receive it; – and then joy arises! The burden of conscience is gone, one is free again! How good that feels!! When I confessed my sins for the first time, it was a very sober enumeration of my guilt. And the promise of God’s forgiveness on the part of my house group leader was also quite sober, but full of faith. And after that I was at least 30 kilos lighter and could sing and dance for days.
Great blessings were always on hand when I had problems and was able to talk to a silent brother and we could pray for them together. God has moved a lot there.
Also in this simple application of the Lord’s Supper lies great blessing. When we come full of faith, the presence of the Risen One appears. And what should resist Him? It is a source of healing for our soul and body.

Thank ​Y​ou Jesus, for these little exercises that help me very, very much. Thank You for always helping me and blessing me. Yes LORD, I want to come closer to ​Y​ou, to grasp ​Y​ou more, to feel ​Y​ou more and become more like ​Y​ou are.


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