Freed from the load ​ – 2019.07.13

Freed from the load ​ – 2019.07.13

Which is easier, to say to the paralytic, „Your sins are forgiven“, or to say, „Rise, take up your bed and walk“?
Mark 2, 9

I can say both equally easily. But nothing follows my words, they have no power. They can’t forgive sins and they can’t make a paralyzed person walk again. My words are just words.
With God it is different. What He says happens. When He said: Let there be light! – Then it happened immediately: brightness was created; light arose where before there was only darkness. It is exactly the same with Jesus: What He says happens. When He forgives sins, they are gone, erased, atoned for and forgotten. When He says to the paralytic: “Get up! – then He can. No problem for the Almighty God! It is the same for Him to forgive sins or heal the sick. For Him is both equally easy and for us equally impossible.
Sin, guilt, impurity, unforgiveness, shame over failure …. these are the things that make life difficult for us. Hidden sin binds us. We have to spend a lot of energy so that no one knows and we don’t have to think about it all the time. But psychiatrists know that guilt is one of people’s basic problems. That’s why they swallow so many sleeping pills and antidepressants or drown everything in alcohol. Only real forgiveness of guilt would be redemption and liberation!
I have experienced Jesus forgiving and eradicating guilt. How happy I was! Three days I hardly needed to sleep! And I have seen in others how happy former ice blocks suddenly became. They were without life, without joy, vegetated, gloomy, full of self-loathing – and then came salvation. Then they literally exploded with joy! It is as if Jesus said: “Now get up, you are healed, and they believe and run. No, actually they are bouncing with joy! So long years paralyzed under guilt and failure, and now finally liberation! Yes, with Jesus it is possible, HE has the power to forgive sin and eradicate it!

O Jesus, how good that you are here! You have forgiven me my guilt and wiped it out. Now I am free! I am without this burden, I can jump and dance, jump and sing! O how good it is with you, my beloved Lord!

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