Gabriel’s 2nd birthday  –  2020.07.10

Gabriel’s 2nd birthday  –  2020.07.10

Praise the Lord, my soul,
all my inmost being, praise His holy name!
Praise the Lord, my soul,
and forget not all His benefits.
Psalm 103, 1f.

At prayer time tonight, our Gabriel said, “Tomorrow will be two years. – I had to think for a moment, and then I remembered what he meant: Two years ago was the terrible accident that was supposed to kill him.
He was hit by a car. His skull was fractured in two places.  There was tremendous bruising.  His left leg was crushed. After much back and forth he finally ended up in neurosurgery 7 hours after the accident. There it was soon discovered that he had heavy cerebral hemorrhaging and that the pressure on his brain was very high. We should expect the worst. But I did not hear it properly. What did we have God for? So I went to the clinic every day, two hours there, two hours back, and prayed with my son, who was in a coma, for a long time and sang to him. His breathing kept stopping, and the doctors couldn’t give us any encouraging news. But I did not hear it.  I kept looking at Jesus, felt His presence, even saw His angels at the head of the bed and praised our almighty LORD. The medical report on the 5th day said “very, very slight improvement”. I only read that report weeks later, but at this point, tears came, because it was the answer to our prayers. So many hundreds, even thousands prayed! Thank you!
Meanwhile Gabriel is back in school and is learning well. He plays basketball again and hits the basket.
The Lord answers prayer. He takes care of us. He acts according to our faith. He loves us very, very much. He cares about us. He is the Almighty. HE is the Father of creation, His will is done. Wonderful are His works, let us never forget!

Thank You, Father, for bringing the dead back to life. You are wonderful, omnipotent and without any limitation. Yes, Father, I believe You, I trust You, I love You!

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