God comforts  –  2020.07.09

God comforts  –  2020.07.09

Then the girl is happy at the round dance,
young and old are cheerful.
I turn their grief into jubilation,
comfort her and please her after her grief.
Jeremiah 31,13

When God becomes active, something happens. When He comforts, it is a real comfort. They are not empty words, but the heart becomes lighter, even joyful. For He commands it, and immediately His command is given. No one can comfort as the Almighty can. We human beings have only words, but not the power to reach and change the heart of another. Only God Himself can do that.
His words bring life and change life.
If we are living through great sorrow now, we should know there comes a time when God changes the situation. And it is now time for God to comfort us and to be close in the difficult times, to protect us and make us unassailable for the evil one. Even in sorrow we can be full of joy over His nearness.
We all have gone through difficult times and we remember how wonderful the Lord has comforted us and carried us through. This memory makes us happy and makes it easier for us to live through this time. He is there, He has never forgotten us, He carries us and never leaves us.
This is our Lord! He is like a mother who takes her child on her lap and comforts it as only a mother can.
The Lord knows us well and He knows how to comfort us.
Just bring your grief to the Lord, and then wait a moment for His answer in your heart. Let yourself be comforted and do not turn away again!

Yes Lord, You can comfort best. Your words are words of love that comfort me, give me courage, make me strong and revive me. Thank You, You are alive and Your words have effects. You are good to me!

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