God, examine me

God, examine me

God, examine me and know my mind.
Test me and know all my worries.
Make sure that I am not going the wrong way.
Lead me on the path that has always been right.
Psalms 139, 23f

Some people think, that God has a perfect plan for their life. But if they decide wrong, they have to make many detours to reach their goal, or sometimes even the whole plan doesn’t work. Some have missed the “super plan” and have to be content with plan B. And some are so incompetent that they already try to fulfill “plan Z”. No, there is a lapse of thought! God has a goal for you, and also a way how to get there. Don’t fear! He is the Lord of lords, He will lead you to the goal, even if you can’t believe it yet.
There are many people who God has appointed to a special task. But they didn’t want; Other things were more important to them. God says: I have forgiven you, and now forgive yourself! Don’t look back melancholy, but look ahead! Give me your heart and your skills, we want to lay hands about the things together. I am the Almighty Lord and I want to create something wonderful from your current life. With me your present life may flourish!
There are people who found Jesus very late. He tells them: Just as your life is, it is right. I want to use you in this place. I will bless you and you shall be a blessing! Yes, I hold you in my hand! Just walk on my ways and don’t move back again!
God has prepared a way for us. This path directly leads to His heart, in a very close communion with Him. Some things appear to us like a detour, somehow unnecessary. But God wipes off all the burden from our heart. Everyone has his own way, but He Himself is the goal. Yes, in the end we will be united with Him!

Jesus, how good, that You watch over my ways! How good, that You always keep track! Yes, with You, on Your hand, I can easily and carefree go through life. You are my sun and my shield!

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