God is in our midst! ​ – 2019.07.21​

God is in our midst! ​ – 2019.07.21​

The Lord, the King of Israel is with you!
Never again you will fear any harm…
Do not fear Zion!
Do not let your hands hang limb.
The Lord, your God , is with you,
the mighty Warrior who saves!
Zephaniah 3: 15ff

What kind of image you have of God? An old man with a long beard who always smiles benevolently no matter what we do, who seems to be happy when we go to church on Sunday but do any nonsense during the week.?  This is not God, definitely not!
He is the Lord of Lords who wants all our love and attention. He is the Lord who does miracles, a strong Ruler, who defeated and drowned the army of Egypt, who saved His people, the city of Jerusalem, who rescued Jonah in the mouth of the whale. He is a powerful, almighty God who takes care of our concerns, big and small. He is worried about our welfare.
Do you remember the story where Jesus stopped the storm with one word, or where He freed the Gerasener from demons who then invaded into the 5000 pigs. On the Cross He looked at us forgiving and rose again in power und Glory. He is so omnipotend, strong and invincible. He created the earth in 6 days by His word alone. This God is in our midst! We enjoy His protection when we worship Him in community. We should not be like the people of Nazareth who hindered God`s work because of their unbelief.
Yes, God in His omnipotence protects and cares for His own and is watching them. He has promised help especially to the weakest and poorest. How strong the enemy, the destroyer may be, God is stronger! We may trust Him!
So we believe in a powerful God, victorious in every battle, and feel fully secure. He never forgets nor forsakes us! He wants to give the best to us, hears us when we call Him. He watches over our life, leads us on the right path. The enemy is defeated! Yes, He is the God who loves us. He is in our midst

Thank You, Jesus! You are the Son of God, sitting at the right side of Your Father, the Almighty. Everything is possible to You and You like to care for me. You are always present and look after me. You do not leave me alone. You are my shield! Thank You for Your love..

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