God sees me​ – 2019.08.23​

God sees me​ – 2019.08.23​

Does he who fashioned the ear not​ ​hear?
Does he who formed the eye not​ ​see?
Psalm 94, 9

Many people do wrong because they do not realize that God sees them. They mock the God of righteousness. They do not believe that He will judge them one day.
Many Christians are almost exactly like this: they are doing wrong, nobody sees it, right? And because of their lies, their deceit and their theft they ask for forgiveness, almost in advance; you never know. – Somehow this is blasphemy. They do not know the Holy One who demands justice, who never tolerates sin, who judges us all as we deserve. He will not be mocked!
We Christians who are serious suffer much injustice. But the LORD sees it, and He makes up for it all. Perhaps we do not always get what we deserve, that is, what we are entitled to. But we get His blessing, and that is certainly more than we are entitled to.
I think of those who did me wrong. And I see how God has withdrawn His blessing, how they suffer and perish in their godlessness. Some have died or have been admitted to psychiatric institutions, some drink, some are simply unhappy. How people suffer without God! They are empty,  often only a facade. I never want to trade with them! And the worst is yet to come: They must spend eternity without God, without anything God has created: without light, without hope, without music, without friendship, without kinship, without everything. One can hardly imagine the horror.
God sees and hears. He sees all that is small just like He sees all that is big. For Him there is no difference. He pays close attention to the life of His smallest child. And He compensates each damage 10 to 100 times over. Just when it is the worst for us, He is closest to us. His love for us lets us endure everything. That is why we turn to Him in prayer full of trust and gratitude. And He answers our prayer and bends down to us.
We want to forgive. Because the punishment for those who do us wrong is terrible. When I imagine it, I can easily forgive my trespassers and ask for blessing and redemption for them. Lord, give me Your eyes so that I may see people as You see them!

Thank You, Father in Heaven, You take care of me! Your ears are not clogged and Your eyes are not blind. You see me and my struggle here on earth. And You are with me, strengthening me, helping me, comforting me, giving love, hope, faith and peace. How good it is to seek refuge in You! Thank You, dear Father!

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