God: The Consoler –  2020.05.02

God: The Consoler –  2020.05.02

As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you​ ​
Isaiah 66, 13

There is no one more important to us than our parents. First mom is the most important person in life, and then dad comes along. Until old age, the longing for both is there, even if they should have died long ago. They shape our whole life, and they shape us more than any other person.
Life and death are in their hands. They give us courage or destroy our lives. They build us up or fill us with inferiority complexes.
The words of the parents fall deep into the heart, both the good and the bad, and these words retain their formative effect for a lifetime.
We need the love and care of parents and their backing, their support, their protection and encouragement, so that we can develop well and stand our ground in life and take responsibility and found a new family and make it succeed.
God knows, there are no ideal parents. They all have faults. But for some of them it is bad, the children have a trauma. I’ve heard horrible things that parents do to their children thoughtlessly and emotionally.
How do we get into harmony with ourselves, with our path of life and with our parents?
For me, it was like this: I met God at an early age, although no one in the family was a Christian. God healed my wounds and became my father. He comforted me in desolate, lonely nights. He built up my security, He spoke words of love. HE was never a judge, no punishing God, no impatient master. He always had time, took care of everything and carried me, the irrepressible, angry, lonely young man through life. HE shaped my heart and taught me to trust. HE changed the negative things to the positive. When the time was finally ripe, He helped me to forgive my parents. And He created peace between parents and me. Now they are long dead, but they are waiting for me in heaven. It will be a happy reunion, I am looking forward to it!
Yes, God can rewrite history, out of a piece of paper, full of inkblots and much crossed out and full of mistakes, unsightly and wrinkled, He makes a blossom-white sheet full of tender words, full of beautiful pictures and poems. – HE consoles deeper than father and mother together. HE is wonderful!!

Thank ​Y​ou, Father in heaven! You have become my father, because with You I always find comfort and good words! Thank ​Y​ou, You really love me.

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