God’s children

God’s children

See how much the Father has loved us! His love is so great that we are called God’s children—and so, in fact, we are.
1 John 3,1

At this end there is a point or an exclamation mark. That means point, finish, end of discussion. There is no question mark!
If you also have an exclamation mark, then it is good. But if you have a question mark, then you have problems. Some people think that they are God’s children as long as they are good. But if they’re not good enough, then there is a question mark or a no. But do you know, we don’t constantly change our parents and parents don’t change their kids. My children are my children and remain it, no matter how they behave. Some humans don’t have a father who always cares for them, but just a biological father who made them. And some only have a Creator-God and no heavenly father. But God wants to be your father and indeed a heavenly, wonderful, loving, patient, kind father! Let yourself be pampered by the love of God, make up your mind to be His child. He wants, and how is it with you? Today there are two prayers. One for the children of God, and one for those who want to be one.

Thank You, my Father in heaven! You really are my father, who never leaves me, depresses me or makes me feel bad. You love me! I can bring You all, even with my failure. Because You forgive me, help me back up and give me new courage. You have so much hope for me! How nice that I can be Your happy child! Thank you, Father, that You take care about everything! You’re truly a kind, merciful, loving and patient Father.

Thank You, Father in heaven, that You want me! Yes, for You I want to open my heart’s door, please come in and be my father! Clean me from all unholy, unclean and from all sin. Jesus has paid my sins on the cross! From now on I want to be Your child and want to live to Your honor. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, who leads me and blesses me with Your gifts. Let me remain faithful to You, because You are loyal to me.

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