God’s disappointment – 2019.06.17

God’s disappointment – 2019.06.17

When I came, why was there no one?
When I called, why was there no one to answer?
Isaiah 50, 2

So God asks His people. How much effort and work had God done with His people, and what was the thanks He got? They ran after each other, they praised and worshiped each one, but not Him. To everyone they made sacrifices and promises, but not to Him, the only true God. Everywhere they sought help and advice, but not from Him. – I notice from this verse all the pain of God for the people whom He loves so much.
Jesus expresses it this way: I came into my property and they did not receive me. – What a disappointment for Jesus! He came as the Savior, and they made fun of Him. He gave His life for them and they blasphemed.
And we? Are we there when He comes? Or do we first measure everything by our theological yardstick and decide what may or may not be possible for God? Do we then answer when God calls? Do we still hear His voice, the voice of His heart? Or are we so drunk with all sorts of noise, opinions, sermons and praise that we can no longer hear His voice? Is our heart still responding to Him? Or is it just the other way around?
These questions haunt me. Where am I? Am I deaf to Him? Do I hear Him and go where He desires? Is my heart still beating in unity with His?
When God called Isaiah, Isaiah knew what He had on His heart. And the only possible answer was: Here I am, send me! – And we? We argue  everything away. Why should God talk to such people?
Ah, so many questions ….. and only one possible answer: Lord, here I am, talk to me! I want to hear what You have on Your heart!

Thank You Jesus, You have come to save me. Out of darkness, bondage and sin You have redeemed me; – I am Yours. You called me by my name. Lord, open my ears again, I want to hear Your voice! I want to open my heart wide so that You can come! Please, come!

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