God’s Flock – 2015.07.17

God’s Flock – 2015.07.17

The Good Shepherd:
I will seek out the lost, bring back the strays, bind up the wounded, and strengthen the weak. But the fat and the strong I will destroy, because I will tend my sheep with justice.

Ezekiel 34:16
God knows each one exactly. He does not treat all people the same, but responds individually to each. He is the Good Shepherd who leads each of His sheep righteously.
Sheep are actually very fearful and weak. Without a shepherd they quickly become the prey of predators or get lost or come into trouble on other ways. They need the shepherd!
We Christians are very dependent on our Lord, the Good Shepherd! Some feel very strong, but He will keep an eye on them, as He had promised in the verse above, so they do not cause damage in high spirits or get damaged themselves. They are in God’s school and this own strength will be broken, so that God’s strength can be created in them.
There are the fat, full, lazy sheep. Also them God wants to keep, so that they do not fall asleep forever.
But there are also many, many weak, lost, displaced, injured animals in the flock of God. They are on the way with Him to the green pastures and resting places by the water. They limp and hobble, they fear that they lose sight of Him, they are entirely dependent on His grace. And He has a look at all of them. He knows when they need peace and what they need to eat. He goes to them, encourages them, carries them for a while and always reminds them: I will never leave you or let you down. I love you, you are precious to me!
The weak sheep do recognize: Their praise is a bit poor, their prayers very weak, their Bible knowledge sparse, they think they are a burden to Him, and they know exactly: Without Him – We are lost.
But the Shepherd just says to them: My strength is made perfect in weakness! Through the weak ones I will build my kingdom! Not by the strong, but the weak, so that the glory belongs to God alone, and that other weak get courage to trust God.
Our God is good! He is merciful, patient, kind and loyal!

Thank You Heavenly Father! You choose the weak so that no one can boast. You know me and know that I need You. Thanks, You are faithful to me and guide me on my way to You.

​Bible reading today: Luke ​
20, 27 – 47

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