God’s love through Jesus  –  2019.11.15

God’s love through Jesus  –  2019.11.15

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
Gospel of John 3, 16

How much I love this verse! It shows me again and again the complete love of God! How much He loves me that He sent His Son Jesus to the Cross for me! How He longs for me not to perish! How much He wants to be with me so that I live forever, and live properly and not just vegetate! Ah, my Father in heaven is love personified!
If only I could always understand and remember that. So often the worries return, or the self-reproaches, the self-condemnation, or the old self rises again and makes great words and is proud, independent, wild and refuses to listen to reason …. How good that God does not always immediately turn to punishment and discipline, but rather has patience and mercy. – He knows how to deal with children.
God wants us to live. That is why Jesus came and paid a high price: The cross. He suffered it as a human being, He did not stand as God above all things and felt no pain, no thirst, no heat. He suffered unspeakable torment for us. And the worst was the temptation: If He had called the angels, they would have taken Him from the cross immediately. Then He would have become King at once, but our redemption would not have happened. He suffered through everything voluntarily and could have broken it off at any time. – Where else is there such a strong love?
God also loves me so much. And if it had been only for me, God would have sent Jesus, and Jesus would have come – only for me. Dear child, let it be said to you: He also died for you, so that you may have life, so that you may not perish, so that you may be saved and be with God forever. He loves you infinitely. Answer Him with a yes!

Yes, Jesus, I accept Your sacrifice for me personally. I give You all my guilt and sin, forgive me! Accept me as a child of God and fill me with Your good Holy Spirit! I want to be Yours, for You mean well with me. Thank You, my Lord and God!

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