God’s nearness  –  2020.03.19

God’s nearness  –  2020.03.19

Moses remained there with the LORD for forty days and forty nights. He ate no bread and drank no water. . .  As Moses descended from the mountain, he did not know that the skin of his face radiated light because he had talked to the LORD.
Exodus 34, 28f.

This is our destiny: to be near God. This is to be our presence. Not sometime in the future, but here and now.
But I am not Moses, and I cannot fast 40 days and pray 8 hours a day …. That’s not the way it was with Moses. He had stress with his people all day long and had to judge and lead them. But he always sought God’s presence and did His will, not his own; – he asked God for every little thing.
As a young man Moses was very ambitious and unfortunately also irascible. So he beat a man to death and had to flee into the desert. There he herded sheep with a Bedouin and later married his daughter. For forty years he had to herd sheep, and had actually given up his wishes. He thought that he would have to look after the sheep for the rest of his life. But then God intervened, because Moses and He had developed an intense relationship. God was able to form Moses during these years and talk to him. Then came God’s call to free the people of God. But Moses was now humbled and wanted to refuse…
Moses knew that God alone could lead this stubborn people. He went to the tent of meeting as often as he could and talked to God. Then he went up the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments. The encounter with God was totally intense and it lasted for forty days, but Moses was not aware of that. The closeness of God rubbed off on him and he himself radiated the light of God.
Such a man of obedience has a great spiritual authority. What he says will happen. His prayers are inspired by God and are answered. Great things happen through such people. God wants more people who are at His service like Moses. They must be very humble. They seek God’s face in their free time and at work. They know only one goal: to live for God.

Thank You Jesus, You have opened the way to God. I can now come before Him without guilt or guilty conscience. Thank You that the wall between God and me is torn down and that I can have fellowship with Him. HE is my father, praise God, in the name of Jesus Christ!

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