God’s Wealth – 2014.09.14

Those who give generously receive more,
but those who are stingy with what is appropriate will grow needy.
Generous persons will prosper;
those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.
Proverbs 11, 24f

So it is with God: Everything turns into another side, wrong for our conception. Because we save money and sometimes are even stingy, so that the money is enough. We think what we give away, is gone and can no longer be used for ourselves. But God is exactly the opposite: He gives in abundance and still remains wealthy. He is perfect love that only thinks about the loved people and not about himself. And He wants to put in this lifestyle in us. Therefore He also compensates everything, what we give to others, whether it is money or time or anything else. He is the god of wealth, and we can take from Him, because He gives so much. He wants to practice this lifestyle with us and He will keep His word and provide us with all that is necessary. Let us practice this life: Gratitude for God’s gifts and supplies; selfless giving, where need is; take away the egoism and instead of that care for others. Then He will overwhelm us with His blessings.
Sometimes I get a little jealous when someone else, who actually does not believe in God, gets a lot of money. But it is often the case that this money is spent quickly, somehow "trickles", as if the wallet has a hole. And sometimes I see people who have really a lot of money, but do not use it anyway. They skimp. Then I have to ask God for forgiveness because of my envy and jealousy, and thank Him that He always provides me, as it’s right.
Thank you, Father, You take care of me. You really are a faithful God who does not leave me in distress. Help me to live as You have shown me! And forgive me, where sometimes fear and uncertainty come up in me again. I want to look on You and do not obey the problems and I want to obey Your word. You never disappoint me!

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