God’s Word – 2014.11.02

God! His way is perfect;
the Lord’s word is tried and true.
He is a shield for all who take refuge in him.
Psalms 18:31

Roads are straight, sure, perfect and good. Our paths are often crooked, full of danger, without aims and not always good. But God himself wants to help us to walk in His ways! We just need to listen to Him. Unfortunately, we know the Bible, God’s Word, too little to always stay on His path. And the Holy Spirit, our reminder, can not remind us of something we have never read.
And when we heard the word of God for our situation, we often act like Adam and Eve: Yes, should it really be so? Maybe the meaning is completely different…. Maybe, possibly, perhaps, and other thoughts destroy the power of the word. The Word of God is clear and unambiguous. It is always meant personally!
The word of God has been tested. Since many generations people rely on His Word and have not been disappointed yet. It is tried in the fire! In the fire of adversity and even in the fire of death. Who has relied on His word, has never been abandoned by Him. So the word of God and His promises for me are like a shield behind which I can hide myself. He himself holds this shield, so that I am safe and secure. For all questions that plague us, I can remain calm; for He is there who has all things in His mighty hand.
Thank you, Heavenly Father, You are absolutely in my hand! Your word is clear, complete and true. I can rely on You and Your word; – You never disappoint me! I want to go on Your ways, please, help me to listen to You. Thank you, that You bring me to Your aim, because I do not always see it and have the feeling to turn around in a circle. Good that You’re there and take care of me!

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