God’s Yes to me – 2016.09.23

God’s Yes to me – 2016.09.23

What is mankind that you are mindful of them,
human beings that you care for them?
Psalm 8,4

Every person is dependent on an unconditional, boundless acceptance by his parents in order to grow into a confident and grounded adult. A child who doubts the love of its parents begins to look for the fault within itself. Perhaps it’s too loud, too big, too small, or whatever. It becomes insecure, and may do stupid things in order to attain its parents love and attention, and it fails to find self-acceptance, self confidence and self-worth. That is why it is so important to show our children love, without conditions and boundaries, and to show them how much we treasure them. They are worth more than money, gold, careers and hobbies.
God created us. At creation He had us in mind and knew we would exist some day. And He really looked forward to that! He took great care when He created us. He watched us grow, and He enjoyed it. He saw our first steps, heard our first cries. That filled God’s heart with joy! He really is like a good Father to us, our Creator who delights in us. His Yes is without conditions, without boundaries, forever.
Problems arise when parents fail to convey their love to their children. Perhaps the children feel their words are meaningless, because the parents are always busy with something else that seems more important. So "problem children" arise. God sees this, and it hurts Him. He wants to heal these deficits with His Fatherly love. He can, because He loves us beyond all measure. The problem lies with us, because we have had bad experiences and don’t have faith in Him. But if we make the decision to accept Him as our Father and treat Him as we would treat the very best father, if we entrust everything to Him, as we would our earthly father, then He can begin His work in us. He can heal everything. He heals all the bad memories. He erases all the angry words. He has a wonder remedy for the sick, aching heart.
Because we find it so hard to see God as the faithful, strong, good, loving, patient and merciful Father, we need a lot of patience with ourselves. We need to renew this decision and turn to Him daily. But we will succeed, because God wants us to!

Thank You, Father in Heaven, You are truly my Father! You created me, because You wanted me. You accept me unconditionally and honestly. Nothing can destroy this acceptance. Your love is indestructible.

Bible study for today: John 6,1-21

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