Goodness and Mercy – 2016.11.03

Goodness and Mercy – 2016.11.03

Goodness and mercy will follow me all my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Psalm 23, 6

The 23rd Psalm is so full of strength, comfort, hope and confidence, you should know it by heart! How many people have already found here solace and new hope as many people died in peace with this psalm on their lips! Yes, the word of our God is strength in life and in death!
We need to leave this word in us to life, so that it exerts its force. We do this by reciting these verses and promises before us and they move the heart, – as Mary did when the angel visited her and told her God’s plan for Jesus. And we have to decide to believe it, to trust it, and not explain it away by circumstances or our own considerations. Maybe …. Maybe …. Should God have said ….. No, we have to hold fast. Then God begins to move because of our faith. He is faithful and keeps His promises!
This morning I have to decide to listen to Him and His word: let goodness and mercy follow me all my life … What do I expect? Perhaps only gloom and horror stories? Worry and effort? Failure and rejection? Loneliness, sorrow, pain and suffering? God’s Word says otherwise. Who do I believe?
When I then thought to myself, of His faithfulness, kindness, good deeds to me and His mercy, a great joy was spreading in me. Yes, He was always there and He is here today and He will also be there tomorrow! He is the Lord of my life and about my situation! Why mope when the joy of the Lord is there?
Yes, today I want to expect good, because He is merciful with me. I will be glad and look at him, my wonderful Lord!
Thank you, Jesus, that I can trust you! You’re my good shepherd who wants to lead me on fat pasture and not on dry land. Always you were there and you were close to me. So it will be today and tomorrow and the day … How fortunate that I can live in your house forever!

Bible Reading Today: John 18, 28 – 40

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