Gratefulness and Protection  –  2020.05.03

Gratefulness and Protection  –  2020.05.03

There you saw how the Lord your God carried you,
as a father carries his son,
all the way you went until you reached this place.
Deuteronomy 1:31

So much Israel has experienced during its hike through the desert, many challenging situations. But God had protected His people in all their difficulties, did great miracles so that nothing bad happended to them. He defended them against enemies, gave them to eat and to drink, he kept them from all deseases, did not let their clothes and shoes crumble. He is a great, almighty, loving God!
In the same way God had brought through also us until today. Where would we be if God had not kept watch over us? Certainly we often had been in great trouble. But with His help we had overcome, did not gave up, did not die nor starve, right?
He always is in control in terms of our health, or our workplace. He allows many things, illness or job problems to wake us up that we should not forget Him. But He never let us down, or forget us. He is there for us.
He does not like it, when we worry too much and fear. He appreciates our precaution and prudence but is not happy when fear and panic rule.
This also refers of course to the present Coronavirus cises. We want to be careful, to make sure that the virus does not spread.and does not infect us. We do not want to panic, instead we want to act prudently. As said before God is in control, has the last word also in this situation. Whatever happens it should serve us best. In Him we believe, not in accidental strokes of fate. Only those who act carelessly and disregard God are in greatest danger.
When we look back and remember Gods protection in our life, great thanksgiving arises in us. Yes Lord, thank You so much! Thank you for all protection and that You are in control also over the present situation. I know that moves You. Could You ever forget a child who trusts you unconditionally?
Yes, this is our strength in the battle against the enemy, our memory of God
s deeds, our gratefulness about His protection. He never will forsake us. He fights for His people. And with great joy we will meet again to celebrate our gospel services. This interruption was only a test which we passed. We want to grow in stength,become more resilient to face upcoming major challenges. And let us never forget it, He is Lord!

Thank You Lord, You led me safely until now and will do it furthermore. I trust You. You carried me through many difficulties.Thank You for Your help and constant protection!

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