Hallelujah!  –  20.05.2020

Hallelujah!  –  20.05.2020

Sing to the Lord a new song,
His praise in the assembly of His faithful people.
Psalm 149:1

It does me well to praise the Lord. That lifts me up, opens my eyes, brings me to a higher level away from all bad, worrryful thoughts, away from dust. Thereby it is important for me that I realize bitterness in time and get rid from it. I then check my thinking and talk to myself. But I will not exaggerate that, will always be prepared to correct my views based on the words of God. Otherwise I would sink in the morass of brooding.
To be free of bitterness and in order to give anger no room I have to forgive. The praise helps me with that.
My whole life should be a praise, a new song, totally dedicated to the Lord, my Redeemer and Savior.
Yes, my thoughts have to be free of worries, bitterness, anger, depression and of any feelings of guilt. To achieve that I intentionally praise the Lord who wants to help me everywhere, to help me not to get stuck in the old, have new life instead. Oh, I praise His mercy to have forgiven me. More and more I ask for the Holy Spirit who protects me against all evil, against everything which want to keep me away from God, who reveals all that to me in good time.
In praising I purify my heart before the cross of Jesus, receive releasement of all guilt which then cannot press me down anymore. I praise Him because He is present and no loneliness can overwhelm me. I praise Him because He is great!
In praise He has a solution for everything. I only must trust and listen to Him, obey and do what He says, go His way. If I ignore that all, it is then my fault that nothing works anymore. No, never! I rather listen and praise Him, come to Him with all my sorrows and carry on happily. Hallelujah!

Thank You, Jesus, You love me! Always You are close to me, help me in all matters, even in the smallest everyday worries. How wonderful that You are my Helper, my Savior and Friend!

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