He is coming soon!​ – 2019.08.07

He is coming soon!​ – 2019.08.07

At that time they will see the Son of Man
coming in a cloud  with power and great glory!
Luke 21:27

Some people fear that they will be overlooked when Jesus returns. Other worry that their body will dissolve and the Lord can not find them. These fears are, among other things, consequences of false teachings.
In reality everything is quite simple: Jesus will come back and the whole world will see it and recognize Him. His return will be like a lightning around the earth. There will be none who will not notice that. All His angels will gather the Christians and those who died in Christ. He will not forget one of His followers.
2000 years ago He came as an innocent lamb which did not defend itself. But now He will come as King of Kings with an army of angels behind Him. Nobody will be able to resist Him! He is Christ the King!
Then, finally, there will be peace among us! No struggle, the fight is over! No fraud, no deception, justice rules! Then every human life is once again precious and respected. No one is enslaved and has to sew shirts for a pittance. Freely we then can praise our Lord without fearing to be thrown into prison and even be killed as it happens so often in these days. There will be no corruption, right is spoken in the Final Court. Peace everywhere, also for pedestrians on the streets! Oh Lord, please come soon!
His return is our final salvation! We can get a fortaste of that already now: There are healings, forgiveness, redemption, fragments of joy and peace. But when He returns everything will be perfect, the delight overflowing, overwhelming!  Oh Lord, come soon. We are ready to meet you every day in great expectation.
Then I can live as it pleases the Lord. Now I am still tormented by temptations to which I regretfully give in sometimes. But then I am definitively free and belong to Him unlimitedly. Oh Lord, come soon!

Thank You, Jesus, You are coming soon to call me all Yours! We will be one, You and I! Still  sin wants to separate us. But You will come to finally deliver me. Oh Lord, please come soon!!!

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